Friday, July 10, 2015

Food News: Subscrybe App Premires in Logan Square

One of the things Brandy loves best about her brunch adventures across Chicago is being able to discover new neighborhoods and all of their hidden gems.  "I just adore the personalities of each section of this city, from refined Old Town to vibrant Lake View to chic River North and friendly Albany Park.  It seems every few blocks is it's own delightful little ecosystem!"

One neighborhood Brandy is particularly fond of, but doesn't get the chance to visit often is Logan Square, home to some of her favorite brunch spots like Bang Bang Pie Shop, Longman and Eagle, Boiler Room, and Township to name a few.  But recently, Brandy came upon an app called Subscrybe, a weekly or monthly "neighborhood pass" that brings users a slue of offers in their chosen neighborhood, helping them to discover new favorites while driving traffic to deserving local businesses.  Just recently launched in late June in the Apple App Store, Subscrybe currently offers a weekly pass for Logan Square for $19.95 or a monthly pass for $59.95.  Included with these passes is redeemable items around the neighborhood such as gourmet coffee drinks, glasses of wine, full sized dinner entrees, and of course, delectable brunch dishes.

Deciding to give the Subscrybe a go, Brandy headed down to Logan Square during this past holiday weekend to see where a day of culinary adventures would take her.  She started off at one of her all time favorite brunch spots, Jam, where of the five options available to her through Subscrybe, she went with the Pork Belly Eggs Benedict.  As per usual, Jam's presentation was flawless, and the rich meaty hunks of pork belly mixed with delicate poached eggs and the tender house made biscuits was simply perfect.  After finishing her meal, it was as easy as handing her phone to the waitress, who plugged a code into the Subscrybe App, which took the dish off her bill.  "Remarkable!" Brandy exclaimed, "Let's see what else this do-hicky can do!"

Taking a little walk in the sunshine, Brandy headed down to Brew Brew Coffee Lounge, where a whole host of delicious drinks were available to be redeemed through Subscrybe once per day (most of the other deals were redeemable once per week).  There she picked out a refreshing Berry Frappe, which was at once both decadent and fresh tasting.  Enjoying the mellow atmosphere of the independent coffee house, Brandy happily nursed her cool beverage for a little while, and headed out once more.

Her last stop of the day was to Yusho, a Japanese fusion restaurant with some pretty interesting sounding options.  The one that caught Brandy's eye was the Chicken and Beer Ramen, which centered around an impressive Chicken Scotch Egg and a broth made from the aforementioned fermented beverage.  Brandy was simply head over heals in love with this bowl of ramen, which she happily slurped up until she simply could not slurp any more.  Luckily, all she had to do to have another bowl of this ambrosia was come back the following week and redeem another offer from the Subscrybe App.

Brandy was quite delighted with her new little toy.  "I think I shall have to some more exploring with this Subscrybe-whatchama-callit.  One day of basking in the delights Logan Square has to offer is simply not enough.  Good job this figurative Key to the Neighborhood is good for the rest of the month!"  To be continued...

Has Brandy peeked your interest in the Subscrybe App?  Use the code BUNNYBRANDY to get $15 off your first pass (which brings the monthly pass down to $45 and the weekly pass down to just $5!)

The writers of this blog were granted access to this app at a discounted rate to facilitate the writing of this post.

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