Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Last Minute Mother's Day Chicago Brunch Guide 2019

Explore the City
Take mom somewhere new and exciting for her special day or visit an old neighborhood favorite.

III Forks, Lakeshore East, a la carte or prix fixe for $45
Red Fish Bleu Fish, Hyde Park, a la carte, half priced entrees for moms
Eden, West Loop, a la carte, featuring special menu items
The Florentine, The Loop, a la carte, featuring  special menu items
Staytion Market and Bar, The Loop, a la carte, featuring special menu items
Chicago Q, Gold Coast, a la carte, featuring special menu items
Blue Door Farm Stand, Lincoln Park, a la carte, featuring special menu items
Blue Door Kitchen and Garden, Gold Coast, a la carte, featuring special menu items

Freebies for Mom
Many restaurants around the city want to pamper your mama as much as you do. Here's some that are featuring gifts, cocktails, and more for your beloved matriarch.

Bar Roma, Andersonvile, a la carte, complimentary dark chocolate hazelnut truffles for moms
Acadia, South Loop, three course prix fixe for $85 with complimentary flowers for moms
Broken Barrel, Lincoln Park, a la carte, free cocktail for moms
Safehouse, River North, a la carte, free mimosa for moms
Sunda, Rive North, buffet, $65, complimentary glass of champagne for moms
Cantina Laredo, River North, All brunch dishes include the choice of complimentary mimosa made with fresh-squeezed orange juice, or bloody maria made with Casa Noble organic tequila
The Chicago Firehouse, South Loop, buffet, $59, free sparkling cocktail for moms
True Food Kitchen, River North, a la carte, all moms will received a $10 gift card
The Albert, Gold Coast, a la carte, flowers for moms
Tortoise Supper Club, River North, buffet, $69.95 per adult, all moms will receive a freshly cut rose
Porkchop, Hyde Park, a la carte, complimentary mimosa and entree for moms
Kizuki, Wicker Park and Lincoln Park, free mimosa with purchase of any ramen

Brunch and a Show
These options offer not just a great meal, but a little entertainment to boot.

The Signature Room, Magnificant Mile, buffet, $80, featuring live music
Artango Bar and Steakhouse, Lincoln Square, 3 course prix fixe for $39, featuring live music
Punch Bowl Social, West Loop, a la carte, arcade games will be free all day

VIP Access
Chicago restaurants love moms so much that many who don't usually serve brunch open wide their doors for only one special Sunday morning a year.

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, Magnificent Mile, a la carte
Ocean Prime, River North, a la carte
Eddie V's, The Loop, three course prix fixe, $49 per adult
Perry's Steakhouse, Oak Brook, a la carte
Benny's Chop House, River North, 3 course prix fixe for $49

People Pleasing Buffets
Large family? Picky eaters in the group? Buffets are the way to go. And there are options all over the city for every budget.

I|O Godfrey, River North, $39 per adult
LondonHouse, Magnificent Mile, $70 per adult
Travelle at The Langham, River North, $175 per adult
Prairie Grass Cafe, Northbrook, $53 per adult
Burnham's at Eaglewood Resort and Spa, Itasca, $48.95 per adult
Pinstripes, River North, $36 per adult
Hubbard Inn, River North, $50 with bottomless drinks, $30 without
Parlay at Joy District, $50 per adult
Tuscany, Wheeling, $44.95 per adult

Friday, May 3, 2019

Home Made Spinach Manicotti with Pirro's Sauce

I was sent products free of charge by Pirro's Sauces in exchange for an honest review of their line. All opinions are my own.

My life was forever changed when I received a pasta roller as a Christmas present last year. Since then, I have been obsessed with perfecting my own fresh made pasta recipe. I started very basic, trying different combinations of flour, eggs, oil, and water, and I quickly discovered just how many variables there are in pasta making. Do I use whole eggs, or just the yolks? Do I salt the dough, salt the water, or both? Does adding oil to the dough actually make a difference? Should I rest the dough, or work with it straight away?

After much experimentation and research (ie, late night Googling), I arrived at a method I felt comfortable with, but I couldn't quite get the texture I wanted. I started trying different flours; semolina, whole wheat, tapioca, and on and on. Finally, the answers I was seeking came in the form of bread flour, which is essentially all purpose flour with more protein. This added protein promotes the formation of gluten, which in noodle making terms, gives a chewier, stronger product than just using the regular old white stuff. Once I discovered bread flour, I was making fresh pasta pretty much every week.

With my new found ability to produce copious amounts of carbs tucked neatly into my culinary tool belt, I was thrilled when Pirro's Sauces reached out to me to see if I'd like to sample their line of all natural, authentically Italian products. Pirro's Sauces are based on the recipes of owner Brianna Pirro's grandmother, handed down through her father, who founded Pirro's Restaurante in Woodstock, IL. The sauces were so popular at the restaurant that customers used to request jars of them to take home, so the move to professionally bottle and sell them was a natural progression. Though the restaurant may have closed in 2012, the Pirro legacy lives on through their lineup of delicious, high quality sauces; Marinara, Pesto Pomodoro, Bolgnese, Puttanesca, Rustic Vodka, and Pizza Sauce.

When I first got my hands on the sauces, I decided the simplest way to get an idea of their flavors and quality was to first try out the classic Marinara with some hand made noodles and fresh mozzarella (this has literally been my go-to meal for half my life. I literally eat it once a week). I was really impressed to see that there wasn't a single chemical, preservative, or artificial thing listed in the ingredients; just veggies, olive oil, and spices. The sauce itself had a bit of a chunkier texture to it with a thinner base than what I usually see from a jarred pasta sauce. This was actually perfect for tossing with the fresh pasta, as the noodles absorbed much of the flavorful liquid, and the finely chopped ingredients were able to disperse evenly throughout. The flavor was so wonderful; no metallic or overly acidic notes, but lots of sweet tomato goodness with a little bit of a crunch from the celery and carrots and an aromatic hit of garlic and basil.

Now that I was certain Pirro's knew what they were doing, I took their Pesto Pomodoro and made a quick and easy take on a Shakshuka with it. Basically, I just poured the whole jar into a non stick skillet, heated it up to a simmer, cracked a few eggs into it, sprinkled in some goat cheese crumbles, and let the whole thing cook over medium low for about 5 minutes. Lastly, I toasted up some naan bread, then sat down and started scooping into my concoction. Because the pomodoro has a good bit of Parmesan cheese in it, the flavor of this sauce was a little richer and the texture a little more hearty. I think it's a testament to how good this sauce is that I was able to really enjoy it basically straight out of the jar with very little alteration.

Finally, the sauces having proven their worth to me, I dived into something I had not yet attempted; a stuffed pasta dish. Deciding to use the Rustic Vodka sauce to make my pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance, I whipped up a batch of spinach pasta dough (recipe below), rolled it into thin sheets, and stuffed it with a simple mix of ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and a few spices. I lined a few of my little makeshift manicotti into the bottom of an enamel lined Dutch oven, covered the tops of them with some of the creamy tomato sauce, then added the next layer of pasta, then sauce, and continued layering until all the pasta and sauce was in the pot. I put the whole thing in the oven for about an hour at 400 degrees, took it out, and dived in. The Rustic Vodka may have been my favorite sauce of them all because it was just so rich and buttery. I don't know if I've ever had a better version from a jar (or in a restaurant, for that matter).

So that settles it for me: Pirro's might now be my official favorite jarred pasta sauce brand ever. Not only are they delicious, I love that their story started right here in Illinois and that they are female owned. This is exactly the kind of company I want to clear room on my shelves for.

Spinach Pasta Dough

2 cups bread flour
1 teaspoon of salt
2 cups of spinach
3-5 whole eggs

In blender or food processor (I use a bullet blender), add the spinach, eggs, and salt, then blend until the mixture is smooth and a vibrant green.

On a counter top or large cutting board, mound the flour and make a large, wide hole in the center of the mound (I use the base of a measuring cup) so that it resembles a volcano. Slowly pour about half of the egg and spinach mixture into the middle, making not to let the liquid leak outside the flour mound. Using a fork, slowly begin whisking flour into the liquid until it forms a paste. Keep adding more liquid until a solid dough can be formed (a bench scrapper is great for this stage when the dough is prone to stick to hands). You may not need all of the liquid, but you also may need to add flour if the dough is becoming too sticky to kneed. Once you have a smooth, non sticky ball of dough, wrap it in a dry kitchen towel and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before putting it through a pasta roller. If the dough sticks at all to the roller, add more flour, kneed, and rest again.

This dough will keep for a while in the fridge, but be aware that the longer it sits, the more the color will darker. Alternatively, you can freeze the dough for later use.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Springtime Passion Fruit Panna Cotta with Nielsen Massey Vanillas

I've always heard that panna cotta is the lazy chef's fancy dessert. You'll see this thick, creamy, molded custard dessert on menus quite often, mostly because it requires very little cooking or baby sitting. Just heat, mix, and leave it in the fridge. Lazy or not, I love it. I am an unrepentant dairy addict, so if you offer me something creamy, most likely I'm gonna be ok with it.

This year, I have promised myself to be more adventurous when cooking at home and try things I've never done before, so I decided it was time to give the panna cotta a go. Now, the secret to making a perfect panna cotta is having a perfect base recipe to layer flavors on top of. That's one of the reasons this dessert is one of my favorites; it's versatility. It can be fruity, it can be chocolaty, it can be floral, it can be boozy, or any combination one could dream of.

When I started to build my panna cotta recipe, I knew immediately that I wanted to flavor the base with Nielsen Massey Vanilla Bean Paste. This stuff is a staple in my baking cabinet, mostly because it adds the touch of those little vanilla speckles that always make a dessert feel more elevated. They even recently released a new version of the Vanilla Bean Paste, made with Tahitian vanilla, which carries fruity and floral notes (as opposed to the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste, which is more rich and creamy in flavor).

Since my vanilla of choice was a little more on the fruity side, I chose to make my first ever panna cotta a passion fruit panna cotta. Instead of making my own passion fruit curd, I opted for one I already knew was great, but maybe next time I'll be brave enough to try making one from scratch!

I was almost shaking when I un-molded my little rounds of creamy goodness for the first time, but they turned out PERFECTLY! Fruity, floral, just a touch of sourness, and a silky smooth texture that makes you never want to stop eating them. Don't like passion fruit? You can literally use this base recipe with any kind of flavor! Fruit jams, infused syrups, spice blends... the possibilities are literally endless!

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

2 cups heavy cream
1 cup half and half
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 cup passion fruit curd
2 tablespoons Nielsen Massey Tahitian Vanilla Bean Paste
1 envelope un-flavored gelatin
2 tablespoons any sweet white wine (can also use white grape juice)

Add two tablespoons of white wine to a small sauce pan and sprinkle gelatin over the surface of the liquid. Leave to bloom.

Add heavy cream, half and half, and sugar to a medium sauce pan. Bring the mixture to a soft boil, then take off the heat. Add in the passion fruit curd and the vanilla bean paste and whisk slowly to combine.

Heat wine and gelatin mixture over a medium heat. Remove immediately once gelatin is completely dissolved. Very slowly, pour the gelatin mixture into the cream mixture while whisking. Once everything is combined, pour into small ramekins (should fill about 4-8, depending on size). Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour (over night is best).

To un-mold, unwrap the ramekins and run a thin knife blade along the edge. Dip them into a bowl of hot water for a few seconds, then invert them onto a plate. Garnish with fresh berries and serve.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

35 Last Minute Chicago Easter Brunch Spots 2019

Neighborhood Favorites
Tried and true brunch destinations, all featuring super special dishes on their Easter brunch menus.

Chicago Q, Gold Coast
Bar Roma, Andersonville
Cantina Laredo, River North, all entrees include a complimentary mimosa or bloody maria
Ocean Prime, The Loop
The Albert, Gold Coast
Broken Barrel, Lincoln Park
Tuscany Restaurants, Little Italy 
Weber Grill, River North, Lombard, Schaumburg
True Food Kitchen, River North
Imperial Lamian, River North
Eden, West Loop
Virtue, Hyde Park

Fun for the Whole Family
These spots feature fun activities to keep the more energetic members of the family happy while everyone gets a chance to chow down. From pictures with the Easter Bunny himself, to face painting and egg hunts, these are great options for families large and small.

Blue Door Farm StandLincoln Park, a la carte
I|O at The Godfrey, River North, buffet, $39 per adult
The Signature RoomThe Loop, buffet, $80 per adult
Travelle at The Langham, River North, buffet, $175 per adult
Punch Bowl SocialWest Loop, a la carte featuring special menu items
The FlorentineThe Loop, a la carte featuring special menu items
Burnham's at Eaglewood Resort and SpaItasca, buffet, $48.95 per adult
The Estate by Gene and GeorgettiRosemont, buffet, $52 per adult, includes a complimentary brunch cocktail

Best Bet Buffets
Buffets are always the easiest choice for large groups and picky eaters. Here's some of the best on offer for all types of budgets.

La Storia Ristorante, Gold Coast, $55 a person (additional for unlimited mimosas)
ETA Restaurant + BarStreeterville $45 per adult
The AshburnRosemont $25 per adult
Acadia, South Loop $95 per adult
SundaRiver North $60 per person
Prairie Grass CafeNorthbrook $53 per adult
The Chicago FirehouseSouth Loop $59 per adult
Tortoise ClubRiver North $69 per adult
Hubbard InnRiver North $50 per adult, includes unlimited mimosas and bloody marys
Parlay at Joy DistrictRiver North, $50 per adult, includes mimosas
Tuscany Restaurant, Wheeling, buffet, $42.95 per adult

Perfect Prix Fixes
Perfect for the indecisive, these prix fixes will allow you to just show up, order a cocktail, and let the chefs do all the rest of the work for you. 

Eddie V's, The Loop, three course prix fixe, $49 per adult
III ForksEast Lakeshore, prix fixe for $45 per adult, includes one cocktail, bread service, and an entree (a la carte menu is also available)
Artango Bar and SteakhouseLincoln Square, 3 course prix fixe, $35 per adult

Friday, March 29, 2019

Mocha Latte Brownies with Java House Cold Brew

I was sent products free of charge by Java House in exchange for an honest review.

Well hello there, my poorly neglected blog audience! I know it's been a hot minute since I last posted here. But what with the Insatgrams and the Twitters and such, I've needed to take some time off from this poor old blog to really understand what it is I liked about food blogging in the first place. And you know what? The truth is that I really missed discovering new things that give me the culinary tingles. So let's talk about one of those things, shall we?

I've been a big cold brew fan for a while now. This is mainly due to two factors: 1) I've become an absolute coffee addict in my 30's, and 2) I have a decent amount of regular acid reflux. Cold brewed coffee is less acidic than hot brewing, and I find that the smoother flavor generally appeals to my particular palate. From big chain coffee houses to my local cafe, whenever there's cold brew on offer, I'm very likely to order it.

I've tried cold brewing at home, but I can never seem to get a strong enough flavor for my liking. Generally, I end up having to buy a really expensive super dark roast just to get any sort of enjoyment out of it, and if I should want to add a splash or milk or a little flavor, the coffee just disappears into nothingness. This is why when Java House reached out and asked if I would like to try their liquid cold brew concentrate pods, I immediately said yes.

The Java House cold brew pods come in four varieties: Sumatran (dark roast), Colombian (medium roast), Ethiopian (light roast), and Decaf (medium roast). They are sized to fit into any K-Cup coffee machine, so you can actually enjoy them hot, cold, or anywhere in between. The cups contain a perfectly portioned amount of liquid cold brew concentrate, so you just need to add water to them (or shoot them straight, if you want to. I won't judge you. Actually I will. Add some water, you heathen). You actually don't even need a K-Cup machine to enjoy them because you can literally just crack them open and pour them into a mug or over ice. Or, if you're me, you can add them to some bourbon cream liquor and start your morning off right with a Kentucky Coffee Cocktail.

I very much liked the versatility of these little suckers, and the flavor on all the roasts was top notch. Of course, my favorite was the dark roast. Because I like my coffee black as my soul. But the others were perfectly enjoyable. If you happen to be down the K-Cup isle of your local grocery store, I would highly encourage you to pick up a box of these and give them a try.

Because I can't just make a cup of coffee and be happy, I decided I wanted to try using some of the Java House cold brew in a recipe. I've heard that adding coffee to brownies brings out the chocolatiness, so I did some experimenting and OH MY GOD. Best idea EVER! A basic brownie suddenly became the fudgiest little hunk of deliciousness to ever come out of my oven. Once again, I can't leave well enough alone, so I decided to pay homage to the coffee by giving my brownies a frothy topping to mimic the foam on a latte. This turned out so incredibly well that I am halfway tempted to quit my day job and start selling these suckers on a street corner like Famous Amos did with his cookies. Seriously, if you're a choco-holic like me, you have got to try these!

Mocha Latte Brownies

3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 Java House Cold Brew Liquid Pods (any roast, but I prefer the Colombian for this)
1 cup flour

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 packet of unflavored gelatin
2 tablespoons cold water
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 Java House Liquid Cold Brew Pod (I prefer the Ethiopian for this)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. grease a 9x9 square baking dish with cooking spray and set aside.

In a large bowl, combine the melted butter, sugar, and cocoa powder and mix until smooth. Add vanilla, cold brew pods, and eggs and again stir until smooth. Lastly, add in the flour and combine into a thick, smooth batter. Pour the batter into the greased baking dish and bake in the oven for about 35 minutes or until the top feels completely solid. Let cool to room temperature.

For the topping, add the heavy whipping cream to a pre-chilled bowl and whip with a stand or a hand mixer until the volume has doubled and soft peaks have begun to form. Set into the fridge to keep cold. In a small sauce pan, add the Java House cold brew pod and 2 tablespoons of cold water, then sprinkle the gelatin on the surface of the liquid and let sit for about 2-3 minutes. Heat up the liquid over medium heat. Once the gelatin is completely dissolved, add the sugar and stir until no more granules are left. Remove from heat. Bring out the chilled whipped cream and begin whipping again with a stand or a hand mixer. Slowly stream in the gelatin mixture. The cream will deflate some, but should begin to look foamy and glossy. Quickly spread the cream over the top of the brownies in an even layer, then cover the dish and set in the fridge to set up for a few hours or over night. Cut and serve.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Guest Post: March Brunch Events with Illinois Party Bus

The following is a sponsored guest post from our friends at Illinois Party Bus.

There are some great upcoming brunch events to consider checking out in Chicago! Here are four of them coming up in March. If you need a convenient way to get around town after enjoying a brunch with friends, head over to Illinois Party Bus.

March 3
435 East Illinois St
Start your day with yoga and bottomless brunch, along with complimentary mimosas for $5 at this event hosted at Pinstripes. Yoga runs from 10 to 11AM, and brunch is served until 3PM. Bring your own yoga mat and get ready to have some fun! All levels are experience are encouraged to attend.

March 3
1113 West Belmont Avenue
The brunch buffet includes a yogurt bar, crab deviled eggs, beignets, jambalaya, mimosas, shrimp and grits, as well as sweet potato has and french toast. With ticket choices that offer unlimited drinks and a DJ spinning beats, this is sure to be an awesome pop up brunch event. It's $35 for brunch, and $50 for brunch with unlimited drinks.

March 3
at Rose Room Chicago
415 West 119th St
This brunch is unique, because it's a round table discussion. There will be multiple panelists at this engaging discussion. With crafted beers and brunch at the end of the discussion, there's a lot to look forward to at this event. Tickets range from $5 to $10, so it's an affordable option as well.

March 16
at Peace of Mine Pastry and Specialty Shop
408 W 71st St
Here is an awesome option for women who are interested in wellness. This brunch and healing workshop focuses on nutritious brunch dishes, mimosas, and personal wellness. There will be a life coach giving an inspirational talk and an awesome Goddess buffet. Tickets are $50 for this event.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Last Minute Chicago Holiday Dining Recommendations

I was invited to dine at the restaurants mentioned free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

As much as I love staying inside the week between Christmas and New Year's, usually snuggled under my down comforter with my dog noisily snoring beside me and a cup of some boozed up hot beverage clasped between my hands, eventually I start to get a little cabin fever. And with this year being unseasonably warm (seriously, Chicago, what the hell? I could go back home to Arizona for 50 degrees in December!), I'm feeling the itch to get out for a few more meals before 2018 ends. So enjoy this quick roundup of some of my recent favorites for brunch, dinner, and everything in between!

Dinner at Le Sud

This French/Mediterranean inspired addition to Roscoe Village has gotten great buzz ever since it opened earlier this year. Me? I like a bit of non pretentious French cuisine, so I was very interested to check it out. The inside is the perfect kind of cozy without being overly cramped and the perfect kind of vintage without feeling artificial. This isn't the kind of place you're going to find Americanized French staples, like onion soup or coq au vin. Instead, you will find things like house made charcuterie, a decadent fois gras tart (that is so perfectly balanced between sweet and savory that it could easily be an appetizer or a dessert), a perfectly simple steak frites, and a very inventive vegetarian seared pumpkin entree with leeks and fregola. Everything here is incredibly thoughtful and uncomplicated, while demonstrating an immense amount of skill and care. Go any night you can, or check out their special service for New Year's Eve.

Dinner at Bobby's Lincoln Park

Bobby's recently opened their first location in the city in hopes of replicating their beloved Deerfield location's success. The menu boasts a lot of meat and seafood focused plates as well as handmade pasta dishes, but the vibe is surprisingly casual. The space is open and airy, a rarity in crowded Lincoln Park, and the service is exceptionally friendly and personable. It's may sound ridiculous, but I was impressed right from the start with the bread service, which came with a simple roasted garlic butter that I would have happily bought a bottle of if they had been selling it. The Shrimp Bobby was an excellent take on a scampi, the Steak Tartar was gloriously delicate (I also mixed that delicious garlic butter into it and by God, it was amazing), and the scallops with cauliflower puree and orange zest were a delight. If you want a little taste of everything Bobby's has, order The Mark Miller, which is a platter of sausage, roasted chicken, tender skirt steak, peppers, and onions. For a lighter (by comparison) plate, the Linguini Nduja is also wonderful, with a rich egg yolk sauce, crisped panchetta, sweet onions, and a little kick of heat.

Brunch The Kitchen

Having dined at The Kitchen a few times, I knew to expect only the best. Of course I wasn't disappointed, and despite some minor Instagram drama (don't ask...), I found myself more impressed than ever before with the inventiveness coming out of The Kitchen's kitchen. Highlights for me included a collection of awesome non-alcoholic cocktails (something I'd love to see more of at other restaurants), a succulent southern style Shrimp and Grits with andouille sausage, an earthy Mushroom Toast with red kale and scrambled eggs, an impossibly creamy yogurt panna cotta with blueberries and housemade granola, and poached eggs with green shakshuka, chickpeas, and toast points. They will actually be serving brunch on Boxing Day (December 26th) from 10:00-3:00 and all day New Year's Day, so if any of this sounds good to you, get on that. Also, they will be featuring an exclusive holiday donut flavor (pst... it's chocolate spice with cranberries and candied ginger!) in addition to their already stellar line up of freshly made pastries.

Tea at Vanille

Taking family to a relaxed tea service is just the kind of tradition I'd like to add to my already packed list of holiday traditions. After all, who can resist tiny sandwiches and delicate tea cups? Vanille Patisserie recently launched a beautiful tea service at their Lakeview and Hyde Park locations, offered at 12, 2, and 4 Mondays through Thursdays. The service consists of as much Benjamin's Tea as you can drink (my personal favorites include the Forest Berry and the Roasted Almond) accompanied by mini sandwiches, scones with a variety of spreads, freshly baked madeleines, Vanille's signature macarons, mini cupcakes, and other delightfully tiny treats. At just $28 a person, I think this might be one of the best tea service deals in town. Pinkie's up!

Brunch at Parley @ Joy District

I think we all know that I have very mixed feelings about brunch buffets, but if you're looking for a spot to drink away your holiday stress with a group of fun loving friends, this might be the place for you. Especially if you have a sweet tooth! The dessert table at Parlay is a little overwhelming with it's donut wall, platters of cereal treats, and legions of layered pudding cups. Fresh pizzas and chaffing dishes with various savory dishes help to balance out the glucose, but I'm tempted to tell you to skip them all together and just go in on the sweets. Calories don't count in December, after all. $50 gets you access to all the food as well as bottomless mimosas in a variety of flavors, but if you STILL haven't uped your insulin levels enough, there's the brunch cocktail menu that features giggle inducing large format cocktails, like the Scumdilyuptious served in a gumball machine with rubber ducky floats, or the Mega Mimosa and the Mega Mule; giant sized versions of the classic cocktails that are perfect for using as selfie props.