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Whisk or Wild is the Whimsy

The Slow and Savory Review
Brandy is a big believer in not taking life too seriously.  "Just as brunch should always come as a mix of savory and sweet, so too should the drudgery of responsibility be sprinkled with a coating of whimsy and magic every now and then."  It was this belief that had her a little worried about her dear friend Brocco, who as of late, had been working extremely hard in his lab.  "When was the last time you saw sunlight?" she asked Brocco one day.  "Well, I did visit the vertical farm room this morning to check on the sun lamps," Brocco yawned.  "Real sunlight, dear, from the actual orb in the sky."  "Well, hmm... that's a little more difficult to calculate..."  "That's it, you need a brunch intervention.  Tomorrow morning, you are coming with me to put some fun back into your daily routine."

To get Brocco back into the land of the living, Brandy chose to bring him to Whisk in Ukrainian Village, a charming little spot that serves brunch every morning and burgers in the evening.  Whisk certainly had an eclectic approach to both their menu and their decor, mixing kitschy pieces like cross-stitched mottos, crystal chandeliers, and oil paintings of TV characters to amount to an immediate feeling of warmth and fun.  Though a little small, the spacing between the tables wasn't too bad, allowing servers and patrons to move throughout the room without bumping into each other.  Brandy especially liked the benches for seating outside, as the weekend wait for a table could usually take twenty minutes or more.

"Since today is all about fun, we're going to start with our sweets first," Brandy instructed Brocco once they'd settled in with some coffee.  The sweets side of the menu at Whisk was pretty extensive and it took a fair few minutes for Brandy and Brocco to narrow down the options.  Luckily, everything on that side of the menu could be obtained in as a half sized order, so the two friends decided on two flavors of pancakes: the Oreo Raspberry and the Reese's Cup.  The moment she saw Oreo raspberry was an option, Brandy had to order it, as chocolate and raspberry is one of her favorite flavor combinations, and she was hardly disappointed.  The raspberry added a lovely brightness to each mouthful, while the crumbled cookies put in a bit of texture one would not normally find in a pancake, thus making for a welcome change of pace.  The Reese's pancakes were also nicely balance between the rich chocolate and peanut butter pieces, the mocha marscapone cream, and some slices of banana to round everything out.  Both pancakes had a lovely texture, not being too fluffy or too dense.  "I tell you, the half orders are the way to go!" said Brocco, "I can never finish a plate of decadent pancakes myself, but these are the perfect amount of sweet."

Brocco picked the Buffalo Chicken Hash as his entree, saying that the hot and tangy flavor was one of his favorite things, as it reminded him of summer days and sports watching parties with friends.  The chicken was perfectly spiced and immediately recognizable, bringing a familiar flavor to a familiar dish for truly unique experience.  Brocco especially liked the mix on crunchy potatoes, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and creamy avocado along side the chicken and eggs, making every bite slightly different.  "I suppose there is some value in keeping things exciting and a little unexpected.  After all, I never know what I'm going to encounter in the lab, so an unexpected breakfast is a good way to prepare me for the day!  Oh goodness, this buffalo sauce is starting to make my mouth tingle!"

Brandy went for a dish called the David's Special, which was ostensibly a twist on shrimp and grits with bacon, mushrooms, scallions, and a creamy wine sauce.  The cheesy grits at the base were a looser texture than Brandy usually prefers, but combined with the creamy sauce, it made a sort of savory porridge that she quite enjoyed.  The shrimp were nicely cooked and blended well with the sauce and the bits of smoky bacon hidden here and there.  Though the dish tasted delicious, Brandy couldn't help wishing for a bit more pizzazz in the plating, even just a little sprinkling of scallions on the top to liven it up, as it wasn't the prettiest plate she'd ever been presented with.  "With the attention to detail on the pancakes, I just think one little flourish would make this dish go from exceptional to perfect.  After all, in a place so filled with light and laughter, everything they serve should be an utter delight!"

Brocco and Brandy were quite pleased with everything at Whisk, from the friendly and attentive service to the reasonable prices and the high quality of the ingredients.  The food was obviously well thought out and prepared by people who truly cared about giving their customers a good experience, but also wasn't pretentious or over done.  "You were right after all," Brocco said, taking a breath of fresh morning air as they exited the restaurant, "A little levity was just what I needed to refresh my body, mind, and soul."  "That's good to hear," Brandy smiled at him, then took a seat on one of the benches.  "What are you doing?" Brocco asked.  "I'm going back in there," she said, "The wait for a table will give me just the right amount of time I need to digest the first meal and then I'll have the room to try more of those pancakes!"

The writers of this blog were invited to dine by the restaurant free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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