Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tea Time with Brandy: Door to Door Organics Giveaway!

Brandy's love of food stems from a deep appreciation of good ingredients.  "The finest chef would be hard pressed to make a factory processed vegetable delicious," as Brandy says, "For a time, the population seemed more concerned with how big and pretty their vegetation looked rather than how flavorful it tasted, which boils down to how it was grown.  Thankfully, it seems things are swinging the other way, though now we're forced to sacrifice convenience."

Enter Door to Door Organics, the grocery delivery service that promises to bring only the best organic food straight to your home.  Of course, there are other grocery delivery services in Chicago, but no others showcase a selection of not only fruits and vegetables, but dairy, meats, snacks, beverages, and a whole host of other essentials (and luxuries) which are all certified organic.  Brandy very much liked the idea of a convenient service such as this and so decided to try it out for herself.

The service begins with the produce box.  Customers select a size that suits their household (which ranges from the Bity Box for a single person to a Large Box for families), then select whether they'd like fruits, vegetables, or a mix of both, and lastly whether they'd like a box every week or every other week.  Once the account has been created, the customer will receive an email the Friday before their first delivery to show the contents of the produce box that week, and at that point the entire online grocery store is available for meal planning.  The box itself can be somewhat customized by allowing customers to change out produce they don't wish to receive as well as adding other food stuffs onto their order so as to meal plan their entire week.

Brandy was thrilled to see the amount of not only local produce available (indeed, one could even choose an entirely local produce box), but also the local food makers represented, like Coffee Cake Connection and Upton's Naturals.  There were so many things like fresh pasta, bakery breads, supreme cuts of meat, and even prepared foods that Brandy was a little overwhelmed at first.  Luckily, the Door to Door Organics website features a massive cookbook that is shopable, meaning if one was uncertain what to do with the produce coming in their box, they could search the database of recipes, find one that sounded good, browse the list of ingredients needed to make it, and add them straight into the box.

Brandy's first delivery was a joy to open.  The produce was well packaged with plenty of cushioning to prevent damage, while the frozen foods were in their own insulated box with a bit of dry ice and the refrigerated foods came in a box with an ice pack to keep everything at the ideal temperature.  Brandy did not

ice that one of her items was missing from her order, but she emailed the customer service team about the issue and was given the credit back for the item within a matter of hours with no fuss at all.  The quality of the produce was not only pleasantly surprising, but almost awe inspiring in it's vibrancy of color and size.  The bunch of kale Brandy received, for instance, was so gigantic that she had to cook it immediately, as it could barely fit in her vegetable crisper, and one of the apples was so large that it took two hands to hold it while being eaten.  Of course as we all know, size isn't everything, but Brandy was not disappointed in the least by the flavor of anything she received.

Luckily for our readers, Brandy was able to secure an opportunity for everyone to try Door to Door Organics for themselves!  Below you will find instructions of how to win one of three $50 gift cards Brandy will be giving away for Door to Door Organics (NOTE: This contest is open to Chicago residents only)!  But if you just can't wait to try it for yourselves, you can use the coupon code Brunchtime14 on your first order to receive $10 off!  Make sure to stay tuned to this space because in a the next few weeks, Brandy will be bringing us recipes using all of the deliciousness she received in her Door to Door Organics boxes!

The writers of this blog have been provided with products from Door to Door Organics at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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