Friday, September 27, 2013

Best of Bunny and Brandy with

As you may remember, dear readers, last year Brandy started a new tradition: a little list looking back on some of her and her friends' favorite brunches in Chicago.  Brandy wished to update this database of excellence, if you will, but this year with the help of, we're bringing you the Best of Bunny and Brandy in a whole new way! is a great new website and app for the food enthusiast.  There, members can make "collections" of their favorite recipes and restaurants, categorizing them however they like for easy browsing and sharing.

Check out Brandy's collection of her favorite Chicago Breakfasts

Stay tuned this week to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more exciting content, and then on Wednesday for a special edition post where Brandy will share three more of her hand picked collections on!

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