Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tea Time with Brandy: Hope Foods Hummus

Many is the day Brandy has stood in front of the wall of hummus at her local Whole Foods, starring slack-jawed at the abundance of choices.  Hummus, once an exotic rarity, has become so popular that just one grocery store often carries dozens of options; different flavors, different textures, different brands, all competing for attention.  "I didn't even like hummus all that much before all of this started appearing on the shelves," Brandy says, "But with the amazing popularity of this extraordinary food stuff, I have somehow now convinced myself that I love it!"

It was during one of these contemplative sessions in front of the hummus case that Brandy spotted a brightly colored container, and upon closer examination, she discovered some new and quite extraordinary flavors of hummus from a company called Hope Foods.  "Thai Coconut Curry?  Spicy Avocado?  Oh my, these are certainly not your run of the mill hummus!" she exclaimed, and decided to take a few home to sample.

Doing a bit of searching online to learn about the company, Brandy discovered that Hope Foods (founded in 2011) got its name from the belief in the power of better food and providing customers with products they can trust.  Started by a group of food loving friends, the first batches of hummus were made right in their personal kitchens.  Their first big hit was the Spicy Avocado flavor, which they began to sell to their local Whole Foods.

Organic, dairy free, and vegan approved, their creamy hummus dip uses a state of the art High Pressure Processing (HPP) technique. Instead of using heat pasteurization, which can fill hummus with tons of unwanted preservatives, Hope Foods ensures the best quality hummus by using cold pressure technology.

Brandy very much enjoyed the Thai Coconut Curry flavor, which delivered a slow burning spice that matched well with the slightly sweet and tangy flavor.  She especially loved dipping vegetables into this one, as the curry mixed incredibly well with cauliflower, carrots, and other such crunchy vessels.  The Kale Pesto flavor was also especially nice with a fresh green flavor that worked very well with a sturdy chip.  Brandy envisioned this flavor as a nice alternative to a dairy saturated spinach dip.  Both hummuses had a somewhat chunky texture in appearance, but tasted creamy and smooth.  "I can see something like this appealing to those who may not even care for hummus," Brandy posited, "The flavors are so bold and pronounced that I keep forgetting I'm even eating hummus in the first place.  And a lot of these flavors are perfect for spice heads who would normally shun hummus in favor of salsa!"

Hope Foods is sold in many natural retail chains such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mollies, Stones, Bristol Farms, Earthfare and more. They are also sold in many conventional retailers such as Safeway, Raley’s, King Soopers, Fresh Market, Amazon Fresh, Price Chopper.
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