Friday, October 11, 2013

Tea Time with Brandy: Part 2, Sweet Snacks

For part two of Tea Time with Brandy, we're tasting something sweet!

Recently, Dulce Caramel Co. of Buffalo Grove contacted Brandy in hopes that she might give them a little feedback on some of their signature snacks, and as Brandy's sweet tooth controls most functions of her brain, she gratefully agreed.  All of Dulce Caramel Co.'s creative confections are made with their signature Dulce De Leche, a milky soft caramel popular in South America, which is hand crafted by Chef Graciela Schargorodsky, who herself was born and raised in Argentina.

Brandy was privileged to try two flavors of Dulce Caramel Co.'s signature Alfajors, the "Tradicional" and the Dark Chocolate.  An Alfajor, according to Dulce Caramel Co.'s website, is a "delicate, melt in your mouth confection, made of two thin buttery sable cookies with a smooth layer of dulce de leche or fruit spread interior."  "Sounds like the perfect kind of tea time snack to me!" Brandy exclaimed when she first read this.

The Tradicional was rather tender and a little crumbly, with a soft coconut flavor to it.  Though the cookie was supple, Brandy felt it overwhelmed the delicate dulce de leche a little, but she loved the simple, buttery flavor of it.

The Dark Chocolate had a slight different texture, being more moist and soft.  The chocolate shell that covered the confection was a perfect thickness that enhanced both the caramel filling and the slightly spiced cookies.  Brandy detected a hint of orange flavor to this confection that she very much enjoyed.

Brandy would have been quite happy to down several more of these tasty tidbits with her tea, as both the Tradicional and Dark Chocolate Alfajors lent themselves easily to accompanying a hot sipping beverage.  "I can imagine curling up in front of a fire with a box of these beauties, a strong Chamomile, and good book and not moving again until the box was empty," Brandy swooned,  "Which reminds me, I should call the chimney sweep.  My floo's been blocked up since last Christmas."

The writers of this blog were sent samples by Dulce Caramel Co. for the purposes of product review.

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