Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tea Time with Brandy: Schmacon

Bacon.  You can't brunch without it, so of course Brandy is a fan.  "What's not to like about smokey, salty, savory meaty goodness?" as she likes to point out.  Bacon does seem to inspire culinary creativity like no other food stuff, and although Brandy isn't one of those bacon maniacs who like adding bacon to everything from chocolate chip cookies to wrapping their entire Christmas dinners in it, she does appreciate their ingenuity.  Bacon-philes have created everything from bacon powder to sprinkle on popcorn to bacon toothpaste to brush your teeth with afterwards, and Brandy can't help but think the world is all the better for it.

Recently, Brandy's bacon flavored mind was blown when she learned of a product called Schmacon.  Schmacon is smoked and glazed meat strips that look and cook exactly like regular bacon, but are actually beef, cut from a whole muscle and glazed with a proprietary blend of spices that gives it a sweet and smokey flavor.  This intriguing product was originally developed by Howard Bender in a Jewish deli in Naperville when it occurred to him that existing bacon alternatives just weren't quite fitting the bill.  Schmacon cooks up in half the time of traditional bacon and is naturally lower in calories, fat, and sodium, and enables people who cannot consume pork products to feel the joy of bacon.

Brandy recently had the chance to try out this miracle product and was quite impressed.  "It is certainly not the same as pork bacon, but has a more satisfying meaty flavor," she mused.  Schmacon can be prepared crispy or chewy, just like pork bacon, and can be fried on the stove top, in the oven, or in the microwave, meaning it can even be used in more complex recipes.

Schmacon is currently only available to restaurants, but the company is hoping to launch their product in grocery stores across the country in the near future.  In order to do this, the company has launched a Kickstarter program, which offers rewards that range from Schmacon stickers to packages of Schmacon to multi course gourmet meals featuring Schmacon.  Brandy is most certainly going to be supporting this campaign, and if you would like to as well you have until April 10th to donate.

Watch the video below to learn more about Schmacon or scroll down for Brandy's simple recipe for single serve Schmacon and Egg cups that are perfect for Easter and Passover!

Schamcon and Egg Cups

6 strips of Schmacon
6 eggs
Fillings of your choice like sliced cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, or shaved parmesan cheese

Pre-heat over to 350 degrees.

Line half of the cups of a muffin tin with the strips of Schmacon (start by pressing one end of the strip against the side of the cup, then bring the strip around to meet it and fold the excess at the end of the strip down so that it lines the bottom of the cup).  Place your chosen fillings into the bottom of the cup (if using cheese, save this until after you've placed the egg in).  Crack an egg into each of the cups or scramble in a bowl and then fill the cup, if you prefer.

Place the muffin tin into the oven and bake for about ten minutes or until the eggs are done to your liking.  Let cool for 5 minutes, then pop out of the muffin tin and serve immediately.

The writers of this blog were provided with product samples to facilitate the writing of this post.

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