Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Postcards from Bunny: More Pret A Manger Chicago Exclusives

Though she often can't stay as long as she might like, Bunny does stop into Chicago quite often these days, if only to transfer flights between her globe trotting adventures.  One of the benefits of these quick trips is that Bunny can stop into one of her favorite fast service food destinations, a Pret a Manger, to see their latest offerings.  Recently, all the Pret a Manger's across Chicago brought some more Chicago exclusive dishes to their shelves, and while on a brief snow delay, Bunny and was able to stop in and test out all of them.

In the Hot Pots and Soups section, Bunny spotted the return of an old favorite, Turkey Chili.  The chili was loaded with lots of succulent ground turkey and red beans, which made it hearty and filling enough for a quick dinner.  The spice was just right for Bunny and was even balanced out by a little sweetness in the tomato base.

Under the salads, Bunny spotted the Pret's Chef Salad.  It's colorful mix of ingredients, like cherry tomatoes, sliced avocado, hard boiled egg, sliced turkey, and crisp strips of bacon made every bite exciting and full of texture and flavor.  Bunny found the mix so appealing that she was half way through the salad before she realized she'd forgotten to put any dressing on it!

Browsing the cold sandwiches, Bunny found the Turkey and Wisconsin Cheddar, which was also dressed with fresh tomato, crisp romaine, mustard, and mayo on a soft grain bread.  Though this sandwich was a classic flavor combination, since it was made with top notch ingredients, the flavors shone through individually instead of melding together in a mushy mess, like what can often happen with other such lunch box staples.

Lastly, Bunny picked up the Chicago Super Club, a meaty mix of turkey, bacon, and ham with lettuce, fresh tomato, roasted tomato, and mayo on soft granary bread.  Though quite unassuming in person, this sandwich was substantial because of the combinations of the meats and pretty bold flavor wise.  Bunny really liked the little bursts of roasted tomato, which added a bright sweetness to the sandwich.

Pleasantly full with Pret a Manger goodness, Bunny was once again on her way to her next exciting adventure, though part of her longed to stick around Chicago long enough to wait for the next wave of deliciousness to hit the Pret a Manger's shelves.  "Oh, and it would be nice to see Brandy, I suppose," she smirked.

The writers of this blog were provided with items from Pret a Manger at no cost to facilitate the writing of this post.

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