Friday, August 17, 2012

Postcards from Bunny

We all know that Bunny and Brandy are quite the ladies about town.  It seems as though they are always being invited to the best events with the best people, the best food, and the best drink.  Up until recently it has always been a mystery (even to Bunny and Brandy themselves) why they seem to get such recognition over others.  But it seems that some of the fabulous events they've been invited to have been nothing more than result of joining one fabulous mailing list!

Edible Chicago, for those of you who may not know, is a stunning quarterly food magazine that brings Chicago foodies all the latest in local, sustainable, organic, and delicious food news.  Their articles, to paraphrase their website, show the relationship of food to every day life in the greatest of detail, combined with some of the most eye popping food photography one can find (outside of this blog, of course).

Somehow, Bunny and Brandy have found their way onto Edible Chicago's Events Mailing List, a free list that anyone can join that will alert them to Edible Chicago's wide variety of events, held all around Chicago.  These events are generally free and include lots of scrumptious food and drinks to try, the only catch being that they are first come first serve reservations (but signing up for the mailing list puts one at the forefront of event knowledge).

Not long ago Brandy and Biscuit Brown had the pleasure of attending a book launch party for Janet Lee, author of Living in a Nutshell.  This little soiree was held at the fabulous Counter Culture Coffee Training Center, where are expert guided them through making the perfect cup of iced coffee.  Wonderful little bites were provided by Kingsbury Street Cafe, along with custom cocktails made from iced coffee and whipped cream spiked with Prairie Vodka.  The ladies even got to participate in a little crafting, lead by Janet Lee herself.

Just this past week, Bunny stopped into Chicago just long enough to accompany Bailey Blue to another Edible Chicago event, this time held at Hopleaf Bar.  Local company owners like New Rose Catering, Grampa Boo's Basting and BBQ Sauce, and Stu's Sour Pickle provided some delicious tidbits for the crowd, while Brooklyn Brewery generously served up a taste of their newest brew, the Fiat Lux.  Bunny and Bailey loved the atmosphere so much that they ordered more snacks from Hopleaf's kitchens, including some Potato Croquettes and (on Bailey's recommendation) some Samuel Smith's Organic Cider (read Bailey's review of this cider here).

To find out more about Edible Chicago, where to find their magazine, and how to sign up for their events list, please do visit their website and befriend them on Facebook.

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