Friday, October 28, 2011

Postcards from Bunny

Yes friends, its time for another installment of Postcards from Bunny!  

As Bunny travels the globe with her dear Benedict, helping to uncover lost civilizations, she has found herself with quite a bit of spare time, some of which is spent scouring the Internet for food news from her beloved former home of Chicago.  Recently, she came across two very interesting pieces:

From Time Out Chicago, some ideas for places Brandy needs to visit, such as Bleeding Heart Bakery's new location that serves brunch every weekend for 57 hours straight (meaning Brandy could stop in Friday morning for some pasties, go to her Knitting Club meeting, come back at lunch for some pancakes, then see that new documentary about embroidery, finish up the day with a nice waffle, go home for a nap, come back for a midnight snack of donuts, then do the whole thing over again on Saturday and Sunday).

November's issue of Chicago Magazine features a mightily impressive list of the top 75 Breakfast spots in Chicago.  Sadly, neither Bunny nor Brandy were consulted in the making of this list (a slight Brandy has yet to get over, as she spotted several glaring omissions, like Bunny and Brandy favorites Hearty Boys and Socca.  Perhaps if Chicago Magazine had only browsed Our Ladies' guest blogging spot on Elizabites it could have spared them some research), but there were quite a few mentions that Brandy had not yet added to her wish list. 

Brandy has also requested that we share a couple of slide shows from some adventures she had over the summer that didn't quite fit anywhere else.  Enjoy some delicious photos from the Chicago Gourmet Festival and dinner at Blackbird with Chef Paul Kahan.

Along with her reading suggestions, Bunny sent along her admiration for her new coffee machine, the Dolce Gusto by Nescafe.  Coming in a variety of models (some with automated digital controls and some without) the Dolce Gusto doesn't just specialize in coffee like some other one cup coffee makers.  In fact, flavors for the machine go from standard coffee blends (the Americano, Cafe Lungo, Dark Roast, etc.) to more coffee house inspired beverages like frothy Mocha, Chai Tea Latte, and Carmel Latte Macchiato.  The machine can even make cold beverages, brewing things like Peach Iced Tea and Iced Cappuccino at room temperature so that they can go directly over ice.  Bunny's favorite is the Chococino, a wonderfully rich and and creamy take on hot chocolate.

So there we are, dear readers!  Make yourselves a cup of your favorite hot beverage and settle in for some light reading and picture viewing and next week Brandy will continue her regularly scheduled journeys through Chicago's brunch offerings!

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