Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tea Time with Brandy: Crispy Green Fruit Snacks

"Uuuhhhggg." Brandy groaned, pushing away the dish of Halloween candy.  The extreme influx of refined sugar had finally gotten to her.  "It seems my constitution isn't what it used to be," she sighed, "I do so miss the days when I could eat or drink whatever I liked.  Getting old is a troubling thing to someone with a sweet tooth like me."  And yet, even though her stomach ached, she quickly found herself craving something sweet yet again.

Walking into the kitchen, she spied a few bags of Crispy Green dehydrated fruit snacks.  Coming in seven different varieties, the fruit snacks were individual serving sized and contained nothing but delicious fruit.  Having had all of its moisture removed from it meant that this fruit had an intensified flavor and a crispy texture, but no preservatives, additives, fat, or most importantly to Brandy, no added sugar.

Brandy's favorite flavors were the Banana, which had a pure flavor and a texture that started out crunchy and ended creamy, and the Asian Pear, which was the lightest crunch of the bunch and had an unusual and almost tropical flavor.  The Mango and Pineapple were also pretty delicious, especially when eaten together, and the Apple had the perfect combination of familiar taste in a new and exciting form.  The Tangerine flavor was a little strange with a fibrous texture and a little more bitterness than some of the other fruit, and the Cantaloupe was almost a little too sweet for Brandy, but was rather nice when combined with something like some salty nuts or granola.

Not only were the Crispy Green snacks delectable on their own, they were also quite nice when added to things like cereal, yogurt, and chia pudding, all of which re-hydrated the fruit just enough to soften it into a more jam like texture.

"What a lovely way to kill my cravings for sweets!" Brandy remarked, happily munching on a slice of mango, "Now, I wonder what else could be dehydrated to make it into a portable, healthy snack... perhaps dehydrated bacon?  Hmmm... better not put this kind of gold onto the blog or someone might steal this genius idea!"


Crispy Green snacks can be found in Treasure Island and other grocery stores throughout Illinois or purchased directly through their website.

The writers of this blog were provided with products from Crispy Green at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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