Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Food News: Free Uber Rides to Brunch!

Like timid woodland animals, freshly woken from their long winter's nap, the residents of Chicago are slowly beginning to poke their heads out of their fortresses in hopes that Spring may finally have arrived.  The ice mountains on the side of the road are beginning to melt into grimy puddles, dogs all over the city are permitted to go for their walks with out wearing a sweater, and best of all, we can all start going out to eat again instead of relying on intrepid delivery boys to bring us sustenance.

To aid us in our quest for Spring, Spring Rewards is throwing a fabulous celebration This Thursday, March 20th, which will include all sorts of pop up events, surprises, and even free Uber rides to 50 participating Chicago area shops and restaurants, including: Von Z, Mulberry + Me, Red Door, Takito Kitchen, Little Threads, Sedgwick Stop, Quay, Universal Sole, Sola, Joe's Bar, Roka Akor, Slurping Turtle, Clarke's, Kamehachi, Fixture, Jak's Tap, Village Tap, Craft, Geja's Cafe, Denim Lounge, Riverview Tavern, Glam to Go, Hubba Hubba, Cinnamon, Pizza Rustica, Uptown Lounge, Pops for Champagne, Ahjoomah's Apron, Chuck's Manufacturing, Paramount Room Volo, Lather, Pizzeria Serio, Taverna 750, Bow & Stern, Burton Place, Emporium Arcade Bar, Sataza, Green Door, Real Comfort Kitchen, Beer Bistro (West Loop & Lincoln Park), Chi-town Eatery, Crush Boutique, Schuba's, Lincoln Hall and more! 

Brandy, for one, is definitely planning on doing a little shopping and a little brunching tomorrow, and with free rides from Uber to and from participating locations, she won't have to worry about muddying her loafers.  "I love a good bit of snow in December and January, but this year has just been gratuitous!" Brandy has been saying for weeks now, "A nice morning of week day brunching is just the thing I need to shake off the ice from my shoulders and get back out there amongst the living."

Check out the link below to join Brandy in taking advantage of all the brilliant events from Spring Rewards!

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