Friday, February 21, 2014

From the Kitchens of Bunny and Brandy: Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Giveaway!

What with the unpredictable winter weather Chicago has been experiencing this year, Brandy has had to take off quite a few weekends from journeying about the city in search of brunch.  Never one to take no for an answer, the polar vortex has merely forced Brandy into her own kitchen instead of enjoying the fruits of someone else's.

The gloomy snow has started to get to Brandy mood, however, so this week she went in search of something a little more cheerful.  "Citrus, that's what I'm craving," she thought as she wandered through the grocery store, "A nice little bite of sunshine would do the trick nicely."  Luckily, she then stumbled upon a heaping pile of beautiful grapefruits.  These were in fact Sweet Scarletts Texas red grapefruit, a brand new discovery from the makers of Wonderful Pistachios, POM Wonderful and Wonderful Halos mandarins.

Taking home a couple of the fruits, Brandy decided on two very simple preparations: one she juiced and one she sprinkled with brown sugar and put under the broiler.  Both the juice and the caramelized grapefruit proved to be that little punch of summer Brandy was looking for in the cold and desolate wasteland that is Chicago in February.

To share the joy she found in her Sweet Scarletts Texas red grapefruits, Brandy is giving away a beautiful gift basket to one of our lucky readers!  The basket includes:  

·         New Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas red grapefruit
·         A spoon and knife specially designed to help prep and eat grapefruit
·         A saver to keep your grapefruit half fresh either at home or on-the-go
·         Grapefruit-scented votive candles

The Sweet Scarlet Giveaway is now closed!  Thanks to Theo A. who won the contest with her Facebook entry: "My favorite, albeit labor intensive, way to eat a grapefruit is to peel like it an orange removing sections of the grapefruit from the peel and the good-for-you skin, so that I just get to shove the grapefruit goodness in my mouth. I usually end up with juice all down my arms and a puddle where I'm sitting, but that all seems totally worth it."  Please contact us in the next 24 hours with your mailing address to claim your prize!  Thanks so everyone who entered!

The giveaway is open now and will run until Midnight CST Tuesday 2/25 with the winner being announced the morning of Wednesday 2/26.  To enter this giveaway, simply tell us your favorite way to eat grapefruit by either leaving a comment on this blog post, leaving a comment on our giveaway post on Facebook, or Tweeting us!  Good luck in capturing your own little basket of sunshine!

*The writers of this blog were provided samples of Sweet Scarlet red grapefruit for the purposes of this review.

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  1. I like to sprinkle some sugar on top and spoon it out.