Friday, February 22, 2013

Guest Post: Best Bottomless Brunches

Greetings dear readers!  We have a special treat for you this week (we know how you all love special treats); a very special guest, Lizz Riggs from has penned us a list of her favorite Bottomless Chicago Brunches.  So without further ado, bottoms up!

Best of Brunch: Bottomless Boozing in Chicago

As Bunny and Brandy have proven, Chicago is a hot spot for brunch every weekend.  Whether you’re looking for a healthy way to start your Sunday or something to soak up the mistakes of the previous night, you can definitely find a wonderful spot to indulge one morning. When many people brunch, there’s something a little more important than the eggs and french toast. They’re looking for the bottomless booze. Who doesn’t love all you can drink bloody mary’s, mimosas and champagne? When you’re looking for the best bottomless cocktails on a Sunday morning, you can’t go wrong with these spots.

1. Angelina Ristorante is an Italian restaurant in Lakeview. They have a full brunch menu and the option of a champagne brunch that includes a dish from the menu and bottomless champagne drinks for $21 a person. Choose from a mimosa, Bellini, Kir Royale or just straight bottomless champagne if that’s more your style. You've got plenty of options for your meal, and all are bottomless and delish. They get pretty crowded for brunch, so it’s best not to come absolutely famished, because you might have to wait 20 minutes or so. Luckily, the wait is worth it, because on top of the champagne drinks you literally can’t get enough of, the food is amazing. I don’t eat eggs, so I’ve never personally tried any of those dishes on the menu, although I hear they’re amazing, but I have fallen victim to all of the pastas on the menu (a surprisingly perfect start to a Sunday morning), the delicious and fresh Bosco salad, and everyone’s favorite, the banana stuffed French Toast.

2. Broadway Cellars is a little farther North, but only by about 8 minutes up North Lakeshore Drive. They serve bottomless mimosas and bloody mary's for just $10, which is about what you pay for just one drink at some other places, so I’d say it’s well worth it. They have tons of menu items that I've heard rave reviews about, most of which have eggs, but there are a few things that I really love here. The apple pancakes are really delicious when you’re in the mood for something sweet, and the baked caprese sandwich is just right when you want something salty but meatless. And of course, they’re known for their wine, and even though there’s no bottomless option for that, they've got a great selection for sampling and wine pairings.

3. Lokal has the deal when it comes to bottomless booze. $7 for bottomless mimosas, but it has to be while you’re eating. If you finish your food and stick around to keep drinking, they charge you $2 per refill. They also have bottomless bloody mary’s ($9) and champagne ($12) but the mimosas are truly the real deal. I love a good beer on a Sunday morning too, and when I’m not in the mood for the standard brunch booze, Lokal has a great selection of beer on tap. The food on the menu here is not as elegant and delightful as many other places, but it’s good nonetheless. They have great sandwiches and I've always been intrigued (but never had the guts) to try the “cheese & pickles.” At least it’s always there for when a moment of adventure arises...

4. Deleece Grill Pub is another Lakeview favorite for bottomless mimosas. The wait is never as long here, and who can say no to mac and cheese? They serve it six ways! It’s $15 for the bottomless mimosas here, and a good selection of wines, beers and whiskeys for the non-mimosa-loving patrons in your party.

5. Victory’s Banner is a great spot in Roscoe Village for those who don’t want a hangover at 2pm on a Sunday, but still want bottomless drinks. They make their own Chai lattes from scratch, and you can get have all you can drink (hot or cold) for just $5. Personally, I’m a big fan of the blackened chicken wrap, but who doesn’t love a delicious chocolate chip waffle to go with all that Chai?

No matter where you do your brunching in Chicago, there are plenty of places to make it bottomless.

This article was written by Lizz Riggs, editor of, a site dedicated to helping travelers find things to do, deals and Chicago hotels.


  1. We've always been intrigued by bottomless bloodies, but have never done it. You've inspired us.

    1. Good to hear! Our personal suggestion for bottomless bloodies would be Kit Kat Lounge, where brunch is served Saturday and Sunday with a choice of bottomless mimosas, bloody cocktails, or sangria. Kepp up the good work, blog mates!