Friday, January 25, 2013

Postcards from Bunny

Yes friends, its time for another postcard from our dear jet setting Bunny.  Lately, she and her beloved husband Benedict have been exploring the Amazon, riding down the treacherousness river on a home made luxury yacht and meeting people of all types throughout South America.  While on this journey, Bunny had the great pleasure of enjoying cocoa beans in their purest form.  It took quite a while to acquire a taste for the bitter little things, but very soon Bunny began to appreciate the raw, bitter, dark chocolate properties of the beans.

Taking a small break to return to civilization (and a WiFi connection) Bunny discovered a company out of Utah called Crio Bru, specializing in a very special sort of beverage made from the very same cocoa beans.  This product treads the line between premium coffee and quality drinking chocolate: whole roasted cocoa beans from different regions all around the world from the Dominican Republic to the Ivory Coast are ground and hand sifted in order to be brewed in hot water, just like coffee (Bunny found she preferred using the French press method rather than percolating).

The result is not quite as thick and rich as a hot chocolate, but not as heavy and acidic as coffee.  Cream and/or sugar can be added to the drink, again just like coffee, for a more decedent experience.  Different beans from different regions have different flavor notes, like toasted coconut or ripe red berries.  Bunny loved the subtle, yet deep chocolate flavor, and as cocoa beans are non-caffeinated and are rich in anti-oxidants, this beverage had a few more healthy properties than the previously mentioned choices.  There's a rumor that Crio Bru is working on a Espresso version of their product, which Bunny is whole heartedly in favor as, as the only fault she found in the drink was that it was a tad on the weak side (but the aroma of the grounds is something out of a Willy Wonka crafted dream).

Though the concept of brewed chocolate is a little hard to get one's mind around, Bunny encourages you all to check out Crio Bru's website and try it for yourselves!

*The products featured in this post were provided to the writers of this blog for review by the manufacturers.  All opinions are honest and have not been influenced by any sort of compensation.

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