Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Food News: Crush Cubes Bring the Flavor to Home Cooks Everywhere

Brandy is always on the lookout for new and exciting products she can use to spruce up her brunch recipes, and during a recent stroll down the frozen foods aisle she noticed something extraordinary.  "What are these now?" she questioned, opening the freezer door to gaze upon the boxes of colorful little squares.  As it turned out, these were Crush Cubes, a line of frozen flavor cubes, offering infinite possibilities for creative home cooks by presenting flavored butters, sauces, soup starters, beverage bases, and more in convenient form.  "What a lovely idea!" Brandy exclaimed in wonder, "I simply must find out more about these darling little things!"

Returning home to do some research, Brandy discovered that Crush Cubes were conceived of by a gentleman by the name of Jon Startz, a veteran of the food industry.  Made in America with premium-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, Crush Cubes are sold in portion-controlled, easy-to- use packages containing 24 cubes that are each individually sealed and flash-frozen to capture flavors and nutrients at the peak of their freshness and potency.

Wishing to learn a little more about this extraordinary sounding product, Brandy reached out to Jon for a more information and personal perspective.

B&B: What gave you the idea to make Crush Cubes?

JS: A few years ago, I was walking through a store and saw some ice cubes and it struck me that people are familiar and comfortable with the concept of making food products and then freezing them into “cubes” and various other forms. So I started considering that approach for items we use every day for cooking, including flavors, sauces and seasonings. I realized that consumers not only gravitate toward convenience, but of course don’t like spoilage or waste. I also realized that they were open to freezing things they use frequently such as herbs and purees. I did consider a wide variety of shapes but kept coming back to a cube, which like a sugar cube, was a very appealing and even comforting concept.

B&B: What is the difference between Crush Cubes and other bullion or stock cubes?

JS: Our bullions are all natural and healthy, gluten free, zero cholesterol, zero calories, and are frozen not freeze dried, which makes for a great tasting seasoning or cup of soup.

B&B: What is your favorite way to use Crush Cubes?

JS: I like multiple mixing and matching. For example, Garlic Herb butter with Ginger, or Souper Cubes with Basil. All our products can be used multiple ways in every dish.

B&B: What was the process of finding the perfect ingredients to put in Crush Cubes?

JS: Just using the actual ingredient, whether it is ginger, basil, butter or whatever in its purest form with little else besides a dash of olive oil or sea salt.

B&B: What are the benefits of flash freezing Crush Cubes as opposed to freeze drying them?

JS: Taste, color, texture, flavor are captured like a “snapshot” in time. The purest way to capture the essence of something is to freeze it.

B&B: How important was it to make a product that was environmentally friendly?

JS: Consumers respond to good wholesome products for their family and we wanted to make great tasting, natural, healthy and environmentally-friendly products everyone can enjoy.

B&B: What are some of your favorite brunch dishes and how might you use Crush Cubes to prepare them?

JS: Maple Butter cubes can be used in egg dishes, thrown on top of bacon or in a scramble, same with Herb Butter cubes. As mentioned, all our products can be used in various dishes since they feature all natural ingredients most commonly used in all recipes. Our Ginger cube is great for smoothies and also to throw into a cup of tea in the morning!

B&B: Who would get the most use out of a product like Crush Cubes?

JS: On the go people, especially families without lots of time to cook who are yearning for consistency, convenience and affordability when preparing meals. Many people use our cubes to spice up their meals, including leftovers. Most of all, our consumers are people who want their food to taste as fresh and delicious as possible, want little storage in the pantry but a wide variety of flavors, and are anxious to provide important nutrients to their family without the time and hassle of measuring, chopping and cleaning. When you mix together convenience, great taste and pre-portioned amounts, you really can’t lose.

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