Friday, October 22, 2010

M. Henrietta or The Unknown Twin Sister

The Slow and Savory Review
We join Our Ladies this week, approaching the entrance to what surely must be the greatest secret in Chicago brunch spots. The gentry often oooo and awe over Chicago’s brunch darling, M. Henry, but a little birdie recently whispered in Bunny’s ear about our dear Henry’s little sister, M. Henrietta, located precisely next door to the Granville Red Line stop. Boasting mainly the same menu as her sibling, but with less than half of Henry’s infamous wait time for a table, Our Ladies were taken to their seats only 10 minutes after arriving, though they were told to expect 20.

Once inside, Brandy noted the atmosphere isn’t quite as intimate as the aforementioned sibling restaurant, and with Bunny’s hearing not what it once was, conversation in this noisy open space proved to be challenging for the both of them.

Bunny duly ordered one of those new fangled coffee drinks, a Mochachinno they called it, to start off with. The cup size was quite generous, but Bunny was saddened that no attempt was made to make a design in the foam. She also felt the temperature of the drink could have been a bit warmer, but otherwise its chocolaty goodness warmed her on that early fall morn.

Brandy made a pig of herself in ordering 2 dishes: the Baked Egg with Polenta and a half order of the Out of This World Bread Pudding. Meanwhile Bunny opted for the renowned Blisscakes, here served with peaches and raspberries. All three dishes came to the table rather quickly, looking spectacular (indeed both Our Ladies gasped at their beauty), in particular Brandy’s egg dish, which came served with a most delightfully colorful salad.

Bunny’s Blisscakes were particularly light and flavorful, especially the crunchy oat topping, though the filling was not quite as creamy as expected. Brandy practically devoured her bread pudding before even touching her other dish, delighting in the custardy goodness and freshness of the fruit on top. The egg proved as good as it looked, with velvety polenta and a ring of bacon lurking underneath, though the surrounding salad was a bit herbaceous for her liking.
All in all, a lovely filling brunch for under $20 a person. Our Ladies advise looking up this scintillating sister snack seller instead of holding your breath for her brother’s attention.

The Short and Sweet Review:

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  1. Wonderful first blog entry! I am very excited to read more in the future. Beautiful photos as well.

  2. i LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!! honest very tasty review! and yes, the pics take the cake!

  3. Informative yet amusing writing, and pictures so enticing you can almost lick the screen!